About Us

Plymouth Rock Capital provides capital advisory services to individuals and companies requiring customized financial solutions. We specialize in capital procurement for Mergers & Acquisitions, Leverage Buyouts and Strategic Capital Raise - whether for growth opportunities or divestiture purposes. We strategically guide your company through its change event offering a customized financial solution to meet your specific transaction goals.

Our professionals have decades of relevant industry experience representing and advising businesses and business owners. All of our senior professionals have extensive business backgrounds and have served as senior executives or principals to one or more businesses. We work with a diverse portfolio of lenders to achieve your growth or change objectives.
mergers & aquisitions


We’re aware that you are occupied operating your own business and may not have the time necessary to adequately evaluate a strategic growth opportunity. We act as your liaison during the transaction process immersing ourselves in the business of the target acquisition to identify all potential integration and financing challenges.  show more ▼

Pre-Merger, we conduct extensive due diligence specifically focusing on management structure, operational processes and the financial condition of the target. We prepare a detailed analysis of the target company setting out an integration process and timeline, growth and cross-sale opportunities and anticipated financial requirements. We also procure the necessary financing for purchase, where required.

We assist you at every critical juncture; from providing a list of qualified companies (buy side) through the negotiation of term sheets to integration and execution. Whatever your growth strategy, Plymouth Rock Capital guides you through the pre and post-Merger process to greatly enhance your success procuring the necessary acquisition capital.  show less ▲
leverage buyouts


Are you looking to acquire a target utilizing a combination of the target’s cash flow or assets? You appreciate that debt typically carries a lower cost of capital than equity allowing you to enhance your return. We make certain that the target acquisition’s assets are properly collateralized to minimize your cash contribution.   show more ▼

Leverage Buyouts (LBOs) can take many forms from Management Buyouts (MBO) and Buy-ins (MBI) to secondary and tertiary buyouts. Whether due to growth, restructuring or insolvency, proper collateralization is critical.

We will present you with an LBO plan to properly identify the target’s asset value allowing for the best possible debt to equity ratio. We can then procure the necessary capital to implement the acquisition plan.  show less ▲
capital raise


What are your business objectives? Are you seeking change through merger, acquisition or LBO? Perhaps you’re seeking to restructure the business or recapitalize your debt. Maybe you’re facing reorganization or are considering a strategic divestiture. We raise capital to meet your most essential business needs.  show more ▼

We raise capital across the entire spectrum of the balance sheet. Our portfolio of commercial banking lenders, mezzanine and junior secured lenders and other capital firms allows access to the best possible terms and conditions. We work with you to ensure proper capitalization allowing for the lowest cash collateral. We strategically market your Business Plan generating the best possible debt financing options.

Worried about undercapitalization? Let us construct a plan to make certain you have the proper cash reserves. Undercapitalization creates unnecessary risk. Let us strengthen your Balance Sheet to allow for the optimal debt solutions. Does your business support a capital infusion? We make certain it will. By strengthening your bottom line we will create capital opportunities for you to achieve your success goals.  show less ▲