Business Valuation / Business Planning

Plymouth Rock Capital provides enterprise debt and equity valuation services employing aggressive financial modeling techniques. Our industry expertise makes us a vital resource for business owners, accountants / CPAs and law firms.

Plymouth Rock Capital provides consulting services for Business Plan preparation, pro-forma P&L projections as well as all other capital readiness requirements.

We assist with the changing needs of your company producing immediate and impactful results:

  • Recruitment Process
  • Talent Acquisition & Talent Retention
  • Employment Training
  • Compliance and Due Diligence
  • Financial Evaluations & Profitability Assessments
  • Sales Force Management
All services are provided to maximize your profitability to allow for a capital event. Whatever your goals, we make certain that you and your company are in the best possible position to allow for a significant and immediate capital infusion.
All of our Senior Professionals have significant experience in providing financial consulting and valuation services to support your business decision making. We provide valuation services in specific support of merger, acquisition and LBO transactions to ensure that the most favorable debt financing solution will be attained. We deliver a distinct and definitive Action Plan to ensure the successful implementation of your business objectives. We develop executable financial models and, when requested, procurement of the necessary capital.

Restructuring Advisory / Interim Management

Our team possesses extensive experience in restructuring companies, both in and out of bankruptcy. Our advisors have served in interim management positions for businesses requiring significant turnaround and restructuring. We increase revenue streams utilizing a variety of management techniques dramatically increasing revenues of managed businesses by identifying and entering untapped markets. From the moment we’re engaged, we:
  • Manage operations
  • Streamline business functions
  • Employ significant cost cutting measures
  • Seek strategic debt and/ or equity partners, where warranted
We focus on increasing sales to immediately bolster your bottom line. We determine where you stand providing clear direction where your team needs to be. We dramatically improve day to day performance focusing on the criteria necessary for an immediate capital infusion. Is your team adequately working in collaboration to meet your business goals? We construct a customized Action Plan focusing on profitability. Long term planning is critical. But our initial role is to immediately and dramatically increase your bottom line profitability. Our first and foremost priority is rendering your business capital qualified to achieve your growth objectives.