Integration Advisory Services

The process of combining two or more organizations into a successful single one requires several important steps. Integration is of particular importance during an acquisition process. Despite its critical importance, integration issues are often overlooked or ignored.

Our evaluation and deliverables consist of:

Defining the Vision and Specific Strategy of the Company

How does the acquisition enhance your business objectives? Does the deal open new distribution channels or attract new customers? What and where are the specific revenue enhancers?

Selecting the Growth Method

Is new business scalable or are you expanding into new markets? Are you primarily seeking additional revenues or are cost savings the driving factor? Are sales forces integrated or kept separate? What changes will be necessary to the organizational structure?

Target Identification

Which company best adds value to the parent? Which key individuals are retained? How do you entice top talent to stay to maximize value?

Evaluation & Due Diligence

Integration planning should begin well before the deal is closed. Have you set your timetable? Is your management team in place? Will the debt structure place too high a burden on cash flows? Have you identified your priorities setting forth your 30, 60, 90 day Action Plan?

Acquisition Integration

What are your core values? How do the target company’s values align with yours? You want to maintain your business culture. How do you align the target without stifling creativity? How will you merge compensation plans?

Ongoing Improvement

Acquiring a new business can be exciting; but who is managing the existing business. Is the existing business receiving the necessary attention or is the newer addition stealing the spotlight? Who is responsible for integration and have you set the proper tone? How much time is being devoted to the core business vs. that of the target? Is your sales pipeline staying full or are you too focused on the new venture?

Future Forward

Have you implemented your Action Plan? Are you monitoring both companies’ performances? How smoothly was the integration process? What worked well; what requires improvement? Where has revenue most improved? What are your immediate future goals?